'My advice is simple: avoid those low ball offers. Companies offering a super low price on air duct cleaning might do more harm and no good...'


-Angie's List


According to the Environmental Protection Agency, it costs $450 to $1,000 on average to have an Air Duct System properly cleaned by a professional service. Unfortunately, you must beware, because there are unscrupulous duct cleaners who will charge you a large sum of money without properly cleaning your system. Be careful not to fall victim to these types of dishonest operations. For sure there are other honest duct cleaning businesses out there, but I'm sad to say, there are far too many that are not. Here at HyperClean, integrity is everything to us, and that is why we perform 'True Duct Cleaning.' 

Simply put, True Duct Cleaning, is duct cleaning done truthfully. And the truth is, the 'Push-Pull' air duct cleaning method is hands down the most effective duct cleaning method there is. It's not even close! It's the only method of cleaning employed by ethical, professional duct cleaners, because there is no other method that provides the properly trained technician the ability to to clean the entirety of the system.  

The bottom line is this, if you want to be the best duct cleaner in the neighborhood, you have to have all the right high end specialized equipment, employ the only proven method to achieve True Duct Cleaning, and most important, the honesty and dedication to get the job done right! We have the equipment, we employ the method, and we're dedicated to performing every 7 step air duct cleaning service, with honestly, and to the best of our ability. Thank you for considering HyperClean. -Tim Cornwell | Owner | Operator

Watch this excellent short video which sums up a typical system and the Gold Standard Push-Pull Cleaning Method we use.

'The air duct cleaning in your house is necessary, but don't fall for high pressure tactics. Beware of the latest trap: the Air Duct Cleaning Services scam...'