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Dryer Vent Cleaning will be performed from the exterior of your home. No entry to your home is required! Most dryer vent cleaning companies must enter your home and move your dryer and often your washer in order to perform the service, which can be a real hassle. Because HyperClean is also a professional air duct cleaning company, we have the specialized equipment necessary to get the job done more efficiently and conveniently from the exterior of your home. Your dryer duct  will be cleaned from the exterior vent all the way through to the interior transition duct work. 

 We'll get your dryer vent cleaned out and free flowing using a powerful compressed air unit that blows 175psi of air pressure through a reverse spinning ball attached to a long flexible dryer vent snake. The dryer vent snake will travel down your dryer duct all the way to your dryer. We'll then use the reverse air pressure to pull all the lint and other debris outside where we clean it all up. It works amazing! Watch all the junk come shooting out of the vents in the videos below! 

We provide location tagged photos of our work!

Dryer Vent Cleaning

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