If you are reading this it is probably safe to say you are serious about getting your air ducts cleaned. Contrary to what some have been led to believe, air duct cleaning is a serious service that should be performed in order to remove contamination from your air system. Who wants the air they breathe passing through filthy air ducts? In reality, no one of course, so it is a very clear conclusion; if something is dirty, clean it! We all know dirty things are not healthy, so really, this simple understanding should end all debate. Furthermore there is a mountain of empirical evidence, including endless testimonials, as well as studies that show the benefits of having your air system regularly cleaned (Ventilation Air Duct Cleaning An Annotated Bibliography, Definition of cleanliness: Ducts).


The term air duct cleaning may be a good fit for some businesses, but it can be a bit misleading. Air system cleaning is a more accurate description of what we due because we clean your whole system, not just your air ducts. A study conducted in 1998 by Summerville states that "duct cleaning is a misleading term, implying that just the ducting network of the HVAC system is cleaned. To be effective, the whole system, including the ductwork, fans, coils and other components should be cleaned. A clean system does not pollute the incoming ventilation air. In addition it runs more efficiently, reduces energy costs and lasts longer." 


 In addition to all of the supply and return ducting (including main lines), we clean your furnace inside and out, including your blower and other furnace components. We clean the inside of your plenum boxes located just above and below your furnace where the air enters and exits the unit. We also hand clean every register and vent cover. We Clean everything! Some might say HyperClean goes the extra mile for their customers, but really, we consider the way we go about our work, as just doing the job the right way. Check out the below videos for a better basic understanding of the process we employ to achieve True Duct Cleaning.




1. We'll thoroughly clean all return lines, including the return air plenum, using the push-pull cleaning method (includes main lines).


2. We'll then use high pressure air and clean by hand each return line vent cover.


3. We'll then vacuum the first several feet of ducting beneath the supply registers for heavy debris.


4. We'll then use high pressure air and clean by hand each supply line register. 

5. We'll then thoroughly clean all supply lines, including the supply plenum, using the push-pull cleaning method (includes main lines).  

6. We'll then use high pressure air to clean your furnace from top to bottom for improved efficiency.


7. Finally, we'll use our exclusive IonicMist organic solution to sanitize your air duct system.