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'Silver is widely distributed in the earth's crust and is found in soil, fresh and sea water, and the air. It is readily absorbed into the human body with food and drink and through inhalation, Physiologically, it exists as an ion in the body. Silver has a long history in the treatment of human diseases...It has been employed in water purification...the antimicrobial properties of silver are dependent upon [the] release of biologically active silver ion[s]...' NIH 

Modern day technology has given us the ability to produce high concentrations of electrically generated, non-toxic, nano-meter sized silver ions. Research has shown it is not the element of silver itself that is effective, it is the positively charged silver ion that is released from the element of silver, or silver particles, that makes it such a powerful disinfectant. This nano ion technology gives us the ability to bring nature's most powerful disinfectant indoors! 

We achieve full coverage of your air system in the form of a truly organic and refreshing fine mist of nano silver ions dispensed via a cold fogging machine and/or high pressure air (see video below). Our chemical free IonicMist will safely and effectively kill residual contamination, and treat your air system in a way that makes it resistant to future re-contamination by pathogens, bacteria, allergens, odors, and other types of contaminants. Air duct cleaning just isn't complete without IonicMist!

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