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Unfortunately, there is very little information available regarding the history of the air duct cleaning profession; its beginnings, early methods, and its evolution into the massive industry it is today in North America. (Back in 2005 a report prepared for the U.S. EPA, estimated the domestic air duct cleaning industry in the US produced $4 billion in annual sales revenue, and as growth has accelerated, that number is much larger today). Though readily available historical detail is lacking to paint a clear picture of the duct cleaning industry of by gone eras, we do have plenty of detail regarding the origins and history of modern heating and air conditioning, which, naturally gave birth to the air duct cleaning profession we know today. One thing we can say for sure by comparing the two pictures below, as much as things change, in many ways they remain the same!


W. Pringle's First duct cleaning truck circa 1940's

Modern Air Duct Cleaning Truck Circa 2000's (vehicle above does not belong to HyperClean. We use more practical, convenient, less neighborhood intrusive, high suction portable units that are just as effective for residential work).

The ancient Roman, Greek and Chinese civilizations were the first to use rudimentary technology to air condition their buildings. 

Over 1300 years ago, history shows the Greek and Chinese pioneered the first central style air systems used to bring heat to buildings while keeping them free of smoke. These systems consisted of flues and chimneys, which were the archaic forerunners to our modern ducting of today. 

But the first known use of air ducts to deliver heat to a room appears to have come from the Roman Hypocaust System circa 1st century B.C. This system utilized horizontal and vertical tubes (air ducts) connected to a central wood furnace to circulate hot air below the floor of a room and up its walls. Available historical writings reveal it likely the temple of Ephesus in 350 B.C. was heated with such a system. In addition to the Hypocaust being a boost to living conditions, an invaluable byproduct was improved public hygiene. Our modern heating and cooling systems are so prevalent and advanced, we take for granted what an amazing leap in quality of life they have brought to those who enjoy them! 

Besides the gas and electric bills and the occasional costs associated with maintenance and repair, our modern air systems are marvelous feats of engineering that make everyday living so much more comfortable than in bygone eras. But, over time your air system can become very dirty with various unhealthy contaminants that can pollute your indoor air, cause your ducting to be malodorous, and your HVAC unit to operate less efficiently. 

Hence the birth of the modern air duct cleaning profession! And the existence of the most trusted and true duct cleaning company in the Treasure Valley, HyperClean! Book online now or give us a call and before you know it we will have your system blowing fresh, clean air! 

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