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Air System Cleaning takes takes about 3 hours for an average size home. Dryer vent cleaning usually takes no more than 30 minutes (please do NOT move your dryer in preparation for the dryer vent cleaning service prior to the arrival of the technician). The following information applies only to the air system cleaning service:

Your presence is welcome during the service, but it's not required. Air system cleaning can be a bit noisy. Some pets, children, and those sensitive to to loud noise may be bothered. You can stay, go, leave a key or code, it's entirely up to you.   

Please do your best to be prepared for your air system cleaning service appointment. This way the technician can get to work for you as soon as possible after arriving. 

1. Our pricing is totally transparent and listed in detail for all of our customers to see. Each customer is responsible for understanding the cost of services due upon completion of services. Please see our pricing page for pricing details. Cash, credit, or debit only please. Sorry, no checks. Please see our payment page for further details.

2. Please do not schedule any other involved types of services/work to be done at your home during your scheduled service time, e.g. painting, carpet cleaning, HVAC services, remodeling type work, etc. 

3. Please make sure there's plenty of room around the furnace to work. If your furnace is located in the garage, a clear path (at least 3 feet wide) to the furnace from the main garage door will be needed. Also, please keep the driveway and garage clear of of any vehicles (it's okay to park in 3rd garage driveway and bay).

4. Please make sure there's plenty of elbow room around each vent inside the home to work. 

5. The first thing will be to show the technician each supply and return vent in your home. The technician will be diligent to check for vents that you may have missed, but ultimately the customer is responsible for any vents not pointed out during the walk through. If you will not be home, the technician will not be responsible for any vents missed due to being covered by furniture, or hidden from plain view. 

6. It may be time for a new air filter. If your filter needs to be replaced, consider buying one prior to your service and the technician will date and install your fresh filter for you. 

7. Looking forward to doing a great jog for you! 

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