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IMPORTANT: Pease take a moment to read the pricing and discount details explained below. We promise you - NO HIDDEN FEES. We are against bait and switch and upselling tactics and would never subject our customers to such practices. Read the pricing schedule below and you will be able to calculate the exact cost of your service. The key is to get a proper count of the vents connected to your furnace (don't forget to count the return air vents located on the ceilings or walls). Looking forward to doing a great job for you! IMPORTANT: If your home is more than 2,500 square feet, has more than one furnace, or the furnace is located in a basement or attic, please book a morning time slot only. Thank you! DISCOUNT DETAILS: Book Air Duct + Dryer Vent Cleaning online now and your technician will give you $50 off when payment is due upon completion of services. Also, you will only be charged $50 for Dryer Vent Cleaning (normally $150). PRICING DETAILS:  $25 PER VENT + ONLY $50 FOR DRYER VENT CLEANING | THERE IS A $475 MINIMUM SERVICE COST ($425 WHEN BOOKING ONLINE). ​ It does not get any easier to calculate your cost. Just count all of your vents connected to your furnace and multiply by $25 + $50 for dryer vent cleaning. Do not forget to count the return air vents (the ones that pull the air to the furnace) usually located on the ceiling and/or walls.  Keep in mind this is not 'blow & go' air duct cleaning. This is the most thorough and professional air system cleaning service you will find in Idaho.  COST EXAMPLE: 17 TOTAL VENTS IN YOUR HOME X 25 + $50 FOR DRYER VENT CLEANING = $475 - $50 FOR BOOKING ONLINE = $425 + ANY APPLICABLE ADDITONAL FEES LISTED BELOW. OUT THE DOOR! POSSIBLE ADDITIONAL FEES INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING: $25 - additional fee if furnace is located inside house on main level.    $50 -  additional fee if furnace is located upstairs. $50 -  additional fee if furnace is located in attic on main level. $75 - addition fee if furnace is located in attic upstairs. $75 -  additional fee if furnace is located in basement/downstairs. $125 -  for each additional Furnace/HVAC Unit. $150 -  additional fee if furnace is located in crawl space. $100 -  additional fee for homes 4,000 square feet and above. $200 - additional fee for homes 5,000 square feet and above.  ​ ATTENTION PLEASE: There is a $50 travel fee to Emmet, Horseshoe Bend, Mountain Home and other locations of similar distance from Boise.

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48 hour cancellation notice required. Thank you!

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