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Save yourself some grief by avoiding potential air duct cleaning scams, such as the popular 'low-ball' scam ($8 a vent!) high pressure upselling, and operations that only perform partial cleaning. We encourage you to do your homework before you hire an air duct cleaning company. We want your business, but if you choose another direction we also want you to be properly informed moving forward. Please check out our True Duct Cleaning and air duct cleaning scams pages to gain valuable insights.  

 Excessive Dust? Construction Dust? Unhealthy Dust? Allergies? Coughing? Odors? Poor Indoor Air Quality?

There's a good chance your dirty air duct system, aka, the lungs of your home, is contributing to the problem.

Our unmatched 7 step air duct cleaning process will have your HVAC unit blowing clean air like never before. Book with confidence. Performed with integrity. Unmatched in quality. This is True Duct Cleaning! 

We provide location tagged before and after photos of our air duct cleaning work!

Dirty air duct before proper air duct cleainng


Clean air duct after proper air duct cleaning



 You just don’t run into people doing business like this every day. Courteous, clean, and thorough. I have already referred a friend!

- JL, Boise   

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What sets HyperClean apart? In addition to being Hyper focused and absolutely dedicated to the removal of dirt and other filth from your air system - iONICMIST. HyperClean's exclusive ionic silver based air system cleaning/disinfecting solution.  

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'...Not only are you reducing the risk of fire (by having your dryer vent cleaned), you’re also putting money back into your wallet by improving the dryer’s efficiency... If your system is clogged, it not only wastes energy, but can cause the heating element and blower in the dryer to wear out faster.' - Ivey Engineering Inc. 

"Failure to clean the dryer is the leading cause of home clothes dryer fires." - USFA


Many of you know someone whose home has suffered fire damage as the result of a dirty dryer vent. Being diligent to clean your lint trap helps, but build up of lint and other debris in your dryer vent is unavoidable. Over time, this build up of material in your dryer vent begins to choke off the air flow needed for your dryer to operate properly. The blockage can eventually cause your dryer's exhaust gases to back up, which can result in a fire. You can greatly reduce the risk of fire by simply having your dryer vent cleaned professionally on a regular basis. Remain diligent with your dryer vent cleaning and you will eliminate the risk of fire due to a clogged dryer duct. Not only that, you'll save hard earned money by improving your dryer’s efficiency! 

Pile of lint after proper dryer vent cleaning was performed
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